Remember, remember, oh I do remember,
I remember you so clearly;
Fine and tall; the blonde beauty,
Complemented with a pair of blue eyes;
A harminous ring –
The angels would sing;
And when you had the handsomest lad,
You feel for the boy with the sunken brown eyes,
And the scuffy uniform

The lad with the blistering temper,
Left with a blistering handprint,
And finally, you were with the brown-eyed boy

Oh, did he fancy your socks off!
Now you held his hand,
Went for walks in the park together,
Giggled and laughed,
Everything, sweet and sound

But the boy with the sunken brown eyes,
Left with a sullen and broken heart,
And then, you waved him goodbye,
As the plane took off.

It wasn’t til later when that lad,
Harvey, his name to be,
Sadly passed away,

It broke your heart,
Rendered you to tears,
You started running away,
You were hurting,
“It’s not true”
You’d wail between tears

Then one day,
You fell too.

You jumped from the chair,
A noose tied ’round your neck,
Airways cut, the lights all out,
There you hung, floating almost,
Now a purple pale mess,
Love written all over your arms and legs

They didn’t save you.
All vital organs had failed.
And your eyes never opened,
Even when I called your name.
You were now up there,
With Harvey, at comfort
I suppose.
Safe, free, but incomplete.

That’s when you left me,
The boy, now a man,
The man with darkened brown eyes,
Wearing a black tailored suit,
Holding a black umbrella over
Your mother and sister from the pouring rain.

Tears met,
And solitude buried you deep,
Well away from such a life,
A life that could’ve been changed,
But please, if you’re listening still,
Remember, remember, I still remember;
I miss you

From me,
To Zoe and Harvey;

Rest in peace.


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