Sadistic Imagination


It took me at least 2 days to perfect the rainbow in this piece. I can tell you it was a hell of a problem to solve. Anyway, for those who aren’t familiar with this piece of fan-art, this is The Warden from AdultSwim’s Superjail!. It’s a really weird and trippy show; so it’s not for the faint hearted. A lot of gore and such that wrecks havoc within the show, but I have no idea what drew me in. Usually I keep telling my mates that I find David Wain’s voice so enticing [voice of the Warden], so perhaps that’s my reason.

However, this piece is a more solid replica of the original that I happened to have stumbled across one day. It just caught my eye; how the rainbow dripped with blood, and the silouhette of the Warden with his gap-tooth grin and oval glasses. It was a massive paradox. In fact, in the show, the Warden’s personality is so optimistic and happy, yet so sadistic. He tortures the inmates of Superjail without a care, and he’s the epitome of narcissism. There’s quite a bit of psychology behind the Warden’s erratic and sadistic behaviour:

“Due to his narcissism, he automatically loves anything that has his face on it, even going as far to make buildings and weapons with his likeness on them. He appears to enjoy the killings happening at Superjail and was stated to never miss an execution (Time Police Pt. 1). His behavior may have started when his father died and he inherited his father’s jail at a young age. Trauma, and being exposed to such an environment at an early age, might have caused a stunt to his emotional development.” –

So there you go; The Warden from Superjail!


Your Thoughts?

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