Flyleaf – Fire Fire

I love this song and the entire, even when it’s been watered down by mainstream. I will always love Flyleaf and Lacey Sturm’s voice. Sadly ‘New Horizon’ is the band’s last album with Lacey, because she wants to concentrate on her son Jack. Another factor for her departure is the sudden death of their audio engineer, Rick Caldwell, thus, she stated she knew the meaning of ‘Memento Mori’.

As for the new lead, Kristen May isn’t quite as ‘matched’ with Lacey, as she brings a more ‘Eyes Set To Kill Anissa’ voice to the band. I know this because I’ve just watched and listened to ‘Fire Fire’ live with Kristen. It’s not quite Flyleaf, but people come and go these days. People must look past the imperfections because as time goes, things will never ever be the same. The world and life recycle, it may never be the exact same, but people must embrace these things, because they may never ever be around again. So, kudos to Lacey and warm welcome to Kristen, I’m sure there’ll be an interesting twist in the new Flyleaf, and I definitely look forward to it.


Your Thoughts?

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