Good morning bloggers & readers,

I hope that you’re all good and well today. For those whose day has already commenced into afternoon or night, I hope your day went well, too.

It’s rather frosty and cold here in England [of course, ‘tis winter], and yet, I still go out every morning, caked in layers of thick clothing just to go for a jog. Some may think that’s a mad idea; that I’m crazy, but my explanation is: it’s the best time to do so, because the pedestrian walks are quiet. For example, I really don’t want to have a nice flow and to be suddenly slowed down by groups of people, or mothers pushing prams. No, it just wrecks your complete concentration. Like a good song was being interrupted by someone who reckons they can sing it just as well. It’s just a break in concentration.

Anyway, my cold is beginning to clear up, but my fatigue has fallen back in. I can’t seem to get any good nights anymore because of a current family member is gravely ill, and that my girlfriend is back in a hospital where the doctors have no idea on what they’re doing. You’d think that, in such a high medical position, they should know what is going on. This is the n’th time my girlfriend’s been administrated to the hospital. The first time, she got the all clear. About two to three days later, she was back in because her legs went numb again. She reckons that all these spontaneous problems are the aftermath of the car accident she was in dated a few months ago. It wasn’t too bad, but she had been knocked out for a few days. But the point is, after numerous blood tests, the doctors should know what they’re doing, and to be able to diagnose the problem. And what do we know what it is so far? No. No we don’t. That’s how useless these doctors are. All they keep doing is feeding her medication and monitoring her.

If anyone out there has experienced the following:

– Numbness in the legs
– Random bruising
– Thickening of the blood
– Extreme fatigue

Please get in touch, because both my girlfriend and I don’t know what’s wrong with her. The doctors can’t explain what it is, because they’re useless.

– Matt


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