Merry Christmas!

Dear bloggers, followers, readers, family and friends,

I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas today and a Happy New Year. I guess we survived that little ‘end of the world’ hiccup, as well as world crises , and everything is fine [I hope]. Although, I have obtained a nasty flu bug and I am caked up to the brim with fluffy layers. I am still cold, no matter what. This also means that my Christmas dinner with the neighbours will be rather sullen, as I can’t enjoy it to the max. I will have to warn people to keep a safe distance from me, as I am slowly rotting away.

As we slowly close in on 2012, I want to thank you all for your support, comments and likes! I’ve reached a maximum through numerous bodies, and I am absolutely over the moon! So kudos to you, and once again, have one on me. I hope that today you’ll receive epic and wicked gifts, and spending that long awaited family time with everyone. For those Humbuggers, I wish you a great day off – if you’ve got the day off. Spend it wisely.

For those who are abroad or up during the midnight hours, this message has been released @ 00:00 UTC time [UK and most of Europe].

Best wishes to you, family and friends. I hope to hear from you again in the New Year!

– Matt


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