Otto Von Chesterfield Find

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After failing to obtain the Krampus’ sack, I decided to explore the rest of the world map, only to discover that it was a small one. I thought, “That’s no fun!” and well… died to gain XP and to create a new world. But by the looks of it, you can only reach a maximum of 8000 XP. Maybe Klei Entertainment will extend this in 9 days [the next update] and thus allow players to unlock even more characters! I look forward to Woodie: a fiery redhead lumberjack! Perks? Probably cutting trees effortlessly and a little stronger than Wolfgang, maybe?

Anyway, back to the topic. Unfamiliar with ‘Otto Von Chesterfield’? He’s part of the recent ‘Spoiled Rotten’ update: a little pumpkin chest companion who, wait for it… offers an additional 9 spaces to your inventory! But the twist is this: you have to find, what Klei call: the Eye Bone, which can only be found in a rocky area surrounded by marsh, complimented with a grave [to get your gravedigger goodies]. When you obtain the Eye Bone, Chester spawns and follows you, hence his name. Unfortunately, this cute little handy guy can die, but this doesn’t mean you’ll lose the Eye Bone, it just closes its eye for about 4-7 days, and Chester respawns – so long as you have the Eye Bone. You have to have this item, otherwise you won’t get Chester.

So, in the new fresh world, I set out to explore biomes [still am right now – the game is on pause], and I discovered a huge marsh biome. Great, I thought, time to explore the edges in case there are more biomes! After an in-game week, I ventured into the marsh and found a path leading to an isolated rocky plain, with a grave and the Eye Bone!

SpicyMarrito@Steam; Don’t Starve
SpicyMarrito@Steam; Don’t Starve


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