Nabbed the Krampus Sack!

Hello gamers, bloggers & readers,

It you haven’t read about my quest for this ‘Krampus Sack’ on Klei Entertainment’s Don’t Starve game, I have battled this creature with an enormous backpack, much bigger than the normal DIY one. But obtaining this magical thing has its consequences: you have to exceed the ‘naughtiness’ meter [<20]. This is where you kill innocent creatures in the world, each creature having their own unique scoring of ‘naughtiness’. For example, a Redbird has a rating of 2 naughtiness. So you could imagine me chasing and catching these things just to take them out for this thing. I don’t really enjoy killing things without a purpose, however hostile creatures carry a different motive in the game…

But alas, I have it…! Only to discover that the next week’s update will provide the player with a 16 slot backpack… Although, creators of Don’t Starve have allowed their fans to mod the game’s files, and one in particular is backpack capacity. I downloaded one which gives me about 15 slots of space. Still a bit iffy with the original game texturing, but it’s handy. So, with that, I’d like to see modders take on board the next update’s backpack.

The Krampus Sack complimented with a TamO’Shanter

Your Thoughts?

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