Harnessing the power to play PS1 & PS2 Games on PC!

Hello gamers, readers & bloggers,

Yes, it’s true, you can play your old-school classics on a PC! I’ve recently been playing games such as the Legend of Mana, the Crash Bandicoot series, Spyro the Dragon and Rampage World Tour to name a few! And on the PS2, Digimon World 4 – because, despite its generic storyline, iffy controls and graphics, it was still a game that I wanted to beat, even if it was ridiculously hard on ‘Normal’ and no different on ‘Hard’. However, in order to actually achieve this, I discovered programs called ‘Emulators’. They’re magical! But it took me a while to understand how to configure them. Firstly, you have to have some general knowledge about graphics, sound hardware, controls, speedhacking, BIOS and what ISOs are. I hardly possess any knowledge of these things, and merely depend on Google and YouTube tutorials. But after trudging through the playbacks and pausing, you really are rewarded with a nostalgic awe.

I’ll be happy to write an easy-follow tutorial for those who are interested in playing the classics! Do feel free to like and comment; I’ll hop to it when people are interested :]

– Matt


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