Speak no further, she said,
No man like you lives so passionately,
And if one does so, be he a mindless fool,
A hethan, no valiant than the birds that prey
Upon him.

If a man like you
Can build an empire with just words,
Then surely he can tear it straight down too?

But of course, her words lingered,
Lingered in the air between them,
A blur nothing that unhinged his iron focus,
For he questioned,
No, yearned for his trust to
Answer a forever-haunting echo,
His love, his heart,
Oh, did he yonder!

While his heart did roar like a broken engine,
His hands shook with eagerness,
Pining for his so-eager neck.

His savvy heart got the best of him,
He knew,
Well of course, she knew,
Within that period locked between them
He knew that there was something,

A fort-night ago,
Tender nights entertained summer’s bliss,
Clear midnight-skies filled the atmosphere,
An array of stars speckled the sky,
Lovers shared these endless nights,
Swimming together in the vast
Oceans of sheets,
While the wind carried their blossoming sighs.

Love, my dear sweet love, he pined
In their sultry vendetta,
Fill me with your grace,
Your love,
Your everything,
I need
And I want,
A wave of euphoria  lathered them
For the last time.

He realised it.
He saw it glisten in her eyes,
He watched it crawl beneath her skin,
Had it not been any sooner, he would have
Fought this war with nothing but his own bare hands,
Oh, but he was a sodding fool.

He spat fire,
While she threw the embers into his eyes,
The empire hand fallen,
Their paradise,
Nothing but a ruin between them,
Crumbled, broken, littered,
Where had the fire gone that powered
This beautiful paradise?

Say no more, he said,
There are things far better left unsaid,
Unspoken promises should be left veiled,
The time between and around us,
Has bled all energy out left to fight,
May a messenger keep us by a thread,
But lest we not forget where our hearts lie,
For the future will guide us to paradise,
And rebuild the empire we once had.


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