About the Blogger

I’m a British amateur poet and artist working with variety of themes and media such as painting and ye old Photoshop. I sport an almost-magnificent beard; known to be a lover of animals, food, the right and wrong people, rugby and the gym. I consider myself a gym rat, but friends and family like to refer to me as a big cuddly bear. So, I invite you to my blog, a window to who I am and the life stories I have to share.

About the Blog

The purpose of this blog is for entertainment. The poems that are published deal with actual-time events and scenarios that have occurred. Another aspect of these posts are that they are raw. A great deal of them are unedited and born straight from the catalyst. The meanings are fairly ambiguous because the focus is to encourage the viewers’ interpretations: imagination is key. Names and personal details are withheld from the posts, for I wish to protect the privacy of those people and myself. With this justified and verified, your comments and requests are welcome. However, if this privilege is abused, you will be dealt immediately. On a lighter note, enjoy my work.

New Additions to the Blog

Now that my computer is a little more juiced up, I’m now able to provide for another audience: Gamers! On rare occasions, I will record and post some gameplays that I have done, unless otherwise, blog all things game-related. I like a variety of game genres, but struggle to play those little horrors (because I’m not as manly as I seem to be!). I hope that some of my gameplays may aid you in your gaming conquests, or that you are able to provide some guides to myself. Other ‘additions’ to my blog are links to my Tumblr page, where we can be a little more informal and relaxed. You are welcome to check it out and follow. Happy blogging!

Yours sincerely,

Matt W.