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Drowsy Games And Ginger Beer

Good evening bloggers & viewers,

I hope you’re all good and well, I certainly am. I’m very tired, however. I went sight-seeing with the family (mentioned in yesterday’s post), and I have to say, it was very nice. It rained a little, was a little bit chilly, but it was peaceful and rejuvenating. I went to see an old manor house that belonged to famous Lords and Ladies, as well as their large and exotic gardens. Absolutely pleasant.

Right now, I’m just writing this little post to you whilst letting my game ‘Shop Empire 2’ run. It’s not as stimulating for the IQ as a crossword, but it entertains me without straining my fatigue. Although, I’ve just missed my chance to catch up with a very close friend of mine – again! Hopefully, though, they will spot that I am contactable, haha. Pardon my lack of precision tonight, I can’t focus due to being so knackered, and Richard smoking makes me even drowsier… let alone my alcoholic ginger beer. It’s not Crabbies, but it’s a cheaper one, and it certainly tastes like beer. I’m not enjoying it in the slightest.

What does tomorrow bring? Not a lot if I’m honest. I gather that Richard will bring my sister and I into town to just wander. I do hope that tomorrow is dry, but English weather is unpredictable – never believe what the weather[wo]men say. They said it would be miserable all week. Well, two days ago, it was sunny! Today didn’t thunder down, it was just light showers. Anyway, I’m straying from the track and drawing this to a close.

I’m SourcedRemorses, commonly known as Matt, this has been a very drowsy and dry update of my life. Stay tuned!

Hedgehog Opera

Good evening again, bloggers & viewers,

Hope you’re all well and fine tonight. The weather in England lately is quite pleasant. Today consisted of sunny-spells mainly – I had to get my sunnies out! But alas, it’s pleasant. Tomorrow’s forecast predicts some more sun, which is great, since I’m spending the day out sight-seeing with my sister and Richard.

You’ll notice the Facebook Page like widget on the side, but you will also realise that I’m struggling to link-in my posts automatically. Although I’ve figured that if I cannot harness such power, I will just share each post via WordPress to Facebook. Also, this is my 100th post! Horah for committed randomness and poetry!

I haven’t done a lot today besides going out with the gang, as well as enjoy the sun. However, during the early midnight hours, I was awakened by some squealing. Rest assured, readers, it wasn’t a person, but in fact, a hedgehog. For such little creatures, they squeal and screech like banshees during night battles. Luckily, I must have been exhausted from the day before, because the disturbance quickly became a distant hum. However, my sister and I were disturbed again by another peculiar noise: a man with a megaphone slurring strange words, over and over again perfectly in the right tone. By the sounds of it, he was circulating around the neighbourhood. I tried to drown it out in vain, but gave in and forced myself out of bed, nearly thumping the bunk above me, where my sister lay.

It’s a nice quarter past 10 now, so I’m going to wrap this up and write tomorrow at some point. I’m sightseeing tomorrow, which will be nice, because I’m a fond traveller, and I like seeing new places. Another thing I’d like to chat to my ‘spiritual advisor’, but my messages to make them to acknowledge me are going amiss. Not because they’re ignoring me, but because they are trying to occupy themselves up until my return.

I’m SourcedRemorses, commonly known as Matt. This has been a nice little filler of my day for this evening – stay tuned!

Round Tahn, Spagbol On The Roll, Channels… What A List!

Good evening bloggers & viewers,

Hope you’re good and well. I can surely say that the weather today was nice. It didn’t pour down, but it was overcast. Sunny spells. Was just lush.

Today Richard stayed home to fix a few problems whilst my sister and I hit town to wander. The weather’s been fair with a few sunny spells, but definitely no rain. I suppose that a lot of Britons (up north more specifically) have enjoyed it. However, the clouds are coming in and are gradually getting greyer. Well. We can surely say that it was good while it lasted. It is a bit colder than where I’m situated further south, but I’m not too bothered by it.

I had a arrogant prick mouth me off in the street today for no apparent reason. But one would expect that here, unfortunately. I nearly let it get to me when my sister gave me a “don’t, it’s not worth it” squeeze on my arm. I took a breath, absorbed the issue and pathetic attempts from this lad, and said “yeah, good one”. This simple statement assured this runt to leave me be. But if he had provoked me further, it would’ve been a little messy. This is one of the things that annoy me of such cultures and mannerisms us lads have developed over the years. Rebels and trouble-makers. There is no need to publicly mouth off at people in the street. It doesn’t make you big, it makes you look like an utter disgrace. In fact, it makes you more of a target if you understand that aspect of it. For example; he mouths off at that big lad over there. The big lad will want to target him more and take the twat down. Vice versa. It’s opposites attract. You’re drawing attention to yourself in a bad way visually and physically. Hand on heart, I would have picked him and sorted him out with the first wave of defense: verbal approach. However, we all know realistically that: verbally confronting this guy would only get his feathers out, flap and jitter. That lad, right, needs a smack. A right smack in the face, break his nose and make him cry. He’ll run home with his tail between his legs and complain. If ever pushed to such extremes, I aim for the nose. Distorts their view, the pain is unbearable, breathing is withheld, concentration is flawed. But you need to draw them in first. Turn to the side slightly, roll your eyes, kick the ground a little then snap forwards.

But I have to point out… I do MMA, so I know how, when and where. It’s always good to have some sort of self-defense in your pocket, or be able to deliver a decent tackle. Don’t tackle from the hips, tackle for the knees, then lock your arms tight together and use their weight to bring them down. And that’s another thing: I play rugby, haha. But there always rules apply. I have ethics.

Moving on swiftly.

I had a really nice spaghetti bolognaise (I think that’s how you spell it). Wholemeal spaghetti, healthy beef mince with parmesan cheese, finished with an apple as desert. I’m quite stuffed now, but it was great. Ah, the clouds are moving in pretty fast and it will be a walk in the rain. Oh well, it’s always nice getting into a nice warm comfy bed after a cool and lovely day out, right?

* * *

As you can tell, I’ve found the “full align” menu, haha. Quite sad. I like it because it fits neatly into the designated space on my blog. Anyway…

I’ve been trying to catch my ‘spiritual advisor’ today and only missed them by 3 hours! How annoying is that? But apart from that, I happened to bump into an acquaintance that I’ve known for over a year now, right here, in the northern sector of England. It was very brief, as they were with family (I think they were  uninterested too), but I surprised them. I’m not bothered with trying to meet up with them because it was clear they didn’t. And I never really socialised with them, since they looked down their nose at me. Ah, c’est la vie.

This is quite a long post! But you’d be surprised with the amount I can write. Unfortunately, that talent(?) was ripped from me along with someone I cared about quite a lot, which is quite a shame. Apparently, according to (an) avid follower(s), I write really well. But I think differently. My life story posts are pretty much written as think or say it aloud. There are probably a lot of mistakes in this passage, but alas… this is all mentally and physically said as I write – and real time. Well, almost.

I’ve just watched ‘The Hotel Inspector’ with Alex Pil-something. Was interesting. I notice a lot of Britons like their house renovation shows ect. Richard says the British love their homes. That’s true. But, many other people love their homes. But I’m more of a homey person than a glamour home that Americans have (as an example). Aside from that, though, I’ve watched ‘Thelma’s Gypsy Girls’. One word: whoa. I’ve forgotten how edgy some people are in life. However, I’ve also watched ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (not the film). I’m fascinated.

Well, I’m going to wrap this up again. It’s choppy, but I will try and write again tomorrow! I’ve planned a catch up, however, with someone close to me. Hopefully they will find my message… Anyhow.

I’m SourcedRemorses, commonly known as Matt. This has been my day’s passage. Stay tuned!




Vexed and Twisted

It’s 10.09pm as I write this – once again, brainlessly. I feel so discoloured, it angers me so. I’ve had a little anger spell earlier in the day and attempted to write, but, alas, I fail once again to compose something beautiful. Forced anger? Perhaps reactive anger? I cannot place it. I can focus on the emotion; it’s red. So deeply red. Scarlet red? No. Maybe crimson red? A dark red? I haven’t a clue. But I see it. It’s there. Glowing bright in my pupils that they dilate.

I’m so frustrated that I feel like this. I want to rid it away, but at the same time I long for its company to enthral and fester within me. To me, it is the gateway to limbo, for I will be able to write a masterpiece. I want to write something good and hearty, powerful like my old poems. I reminisce over such pieces and feel my present-self degrade under my own verbose lexis. I believe by doing this, it infuriates me further because I long to be that precise and sharp with words. Words written in such pieces came naturally; flowing without thought. They just came to mind and my fingertips. God, this is so irritating, it physically makes me tense and grind my teeth. Though, I shouldn’t keep it from you, audience, for you know it’s far more than just the literary block. There are more stresses on my shoulders, not just ill family members, a horrid dreadful, godforsaken disastrous break up, but more or so stresses with myself. I’m mad with myself. Day by day, this agitation grows and festers, so much that I want to rid the spores and just be nothing. Rid of my mind and heart.

Oh, I am so weary and irritated. I’m desperate to sink my literary teeth into something so hearty, and feast upon it for hours on end like I used to. I love poetry. And I’ve lost my beloved poetry book, let alone my talent. My talent has gone with the wind and disappeared into a mythical place. Along with my heart and mind. I cannot think straight or feel right. I seek refuge in close company, and it makes me forget about it all. But when I am reminded of all the damned affairs, I lose strength. The barriers collapse and in come the wretched cavalry. Then for hours on end, through a twisted cycle, I battle with self matters, trying to annihilate the pathetic, useless memories and so-called mindlessness matters. Argh! It irritates me so. Too much to even seek blame. There is no point in pointing the finger here. Perhaps such things are meant to happen, but then, my anger must have a reason to be so vibrant. I feel like I should destroy and break something. Break it so it feels how distorted my mind is. A beautiful, massive pandemonium.

I just want to break every little piece apart with my bare hands, so that whatever’s in my grasp, feels the intensity of anger in my blood. God, break this.