It’s Been a While (Again)

Hello fellow bloggers, friends and followers,

It’s surely been a while and I have to apologise for this! I’m sure some of you might’ve guessed why I’ve not been around: I’ve been far too lazy, been too busy, lived life for a bit, lacked a bit of inspiration etc.

Firstly, don’t lay your accusations aside, for all of the above is true. I’ve been all of those things, but most of all, it has been the lack of inspiration and motivation – even to write about my life! However, life has been very bleak. Life becomes bleak when you fall into a dark place over and over again. I even fell into a really dark place when I believed I had met someone to settle down with. But all those dark places are now being left behind, one by one in small steps.

So what have I really been up to aside from touring dark places?

Well, to be entirely honest, just floating through life, catching up with old friends, lulling around the thought of taking up a masters degree at a few universities. Although, that plan went down the drain as the darker places began to grow in size. So, in the meantime, I’m just working, saving up for a few things – a house even.

I’ve gotten my own place not far from family. I’ve learnt that having your own place can come with its pro’s and con’s. The biggest con is that I don’t like being on my own. It’s very quiet and to come home each day with no one to greet (that includes a pet), it becomes very lonely. I’m thinking about getting a pet, a cat maybe. Although, I would like a dog, it’s just that I live in a flat (apartment) and it wouldn’t be fair for the dog to not go out into a garden and have a little wonder round. Cats on the other hand, don’t really care so long as they’re fed and can destroy things.

I would like to keep it short,  I don’t want to dwell and bore you to death with my day-to-day doings (despite what my blog About page says) and bring it to a close.

I hope all of you are well and are enjoying the summer, whether you’re working, on holiday, off school, college, or universities. Stay safe and be kind to one another.

— Matt


[Edit] Trading Borderlands via Steam

Good morning gamers, bloggers & readers,

I’m trading Borderlands with all DLC included:

  • Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution 

  • Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot

  • The Secret Armory of General Knoxx 

  • The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned

  • Duke Nukem Forever First Access Club Code

If you’re interested in trading with me, leave comment or contact me via email and we can discuss a trade. This is genuine, not fake or a hoax, I truly cannot play Borderlands because it makes me ill, haha.

Unfortunately, I can’t trade Borderlands because I have installed it and that it is no longer in my inventory. Sorry for the inconvenience!

– Matt

How to Play PS1 Games on PC in 3 Easy Steps

Good morning gamers, bloggers & readers,

As promised, I said I would write up a wee tutorial on how to play PS1 and PS2 games on the PC if a few of you were interested. However, there is one or two little disclaimers: I can’t provide you the actual download files, but I can tell you where and how to get them. The reason why behind this is because of some Sony legal terms – or something along those lines [I noticed this recurring trend among the tutorials I had read]. So, with that in mind, I want to keep you guys safe as well as myself. I’ll do separate walkthroughs for PS1 and PS2 emulators so that it doesn’t confuse you. Let’s get stuck in, shall we?

Step 1: Finding a good ‘Emulator’ for PS1

For those aren’t tech-savvy: an ’emulator’ is basically a copy or a mimic. So in this case, it is a program that mimics the behaviours and ‘images’ of any desired console [such as the N64, PS1, etc.].

The most recommended and reliable emulator for PS1 is ePSXe, which you can download here. Make sure you have programs such as WinRAR or Winzip so that you can extract the files. Once you have downloaded this, extract them to your desired directory.

Extracted ePSXe files

Step 2: Configuration & BIOS Files

Before you can even start, you will need to configure your emulator for PAL or NTSC [you will be able to choose between the two whenever you like]. To do this, you will need BIOS files, which are a set of computer instructions that manage input and output operations. It is considered illegal for tutorials to provide actual download links to these, but there are dedicated websites which provide them. The files you want to be looking for in your search engine are:

– PAL – SCPH7502.BIN

Locate, download and extract these into the bios folder, otherwise the emulator won’t pick them up when you begin configuring it. After this, open up ePSXe and you should be prompted with the setup wizard, if not, click Config>Wizard Guide. Follow the the wizard, select the settings you wish to have and voilà!

A little note on the controller situation: you will find that in some games, if you’re using a PS3 or Xbox controller to play, some buttons may not respond in the game. To solve this, simply go to Config>Game Pad>Click ‘default’ and re-configure key assignment. It’s a tedious job and I can’t seem to find ‘save settings profile’, but what can you do?

Config Setup Wizard

Step 3: Getting Games & ROMs/ISOs

A ROM or ISO is the image of a game. I figured it’s the actual game itself because I’m still unsure of what the real definition is. Anyhow, there are loads of websites that provide these [EmuParadise or CoolROM]. You can search for any game and extract them to a folder. I’d keep these organised to avoid any trouble when looking for them. Once you have done this, open up ePSXe and click Run>Run ISO and select the game you want to play, and bam, Bob’s your uncle.

I hope this has been as simple and easy to follow. If there’s any issues, leave a comment and I shall get back to you. The PS2 tutorial will be put up if this has been successful!

Additional Stuff for the Tech-Savvy

If your pc struggles a little, I suggest getting Razer Game Booster from here. If you’d like to install a console controller, click here.

– Matt.

Harnessing the power to play PS1 & PS2 Games on PC!

Hello gamers, readers & bloggers,

Yes, it’s true, you can play your old-school classics on a PC! I’ve recently been playing games such as the Legend of Mana, the Crash Bandicoot series, Spyro the Dragon and Rampage World Tour to name a few! And on the PS2, Digimon World 4 – because, despite its generic storyline, iffy controls and graphics, it was still a game that I wanted to beat, even if it was ridiculously hard on ‘Normal’ and no different on ‘Hard’. However, in order to actually achieve this, I discovered programs called ‘Emulators’. They’re magical! But it took me a while to understand how to configure them. Firstly, you have to have some general knowledge about graphics, sound hardware, controls, speedhacking, BIOS and what ISOs are. I hardly possess any knowledge of these things, and merely depend on Google and YouTube tutorials. But after trudging through the playbacks and pausing, you really are rewarded with a nostalgic awe.

I’ll be happy to write an easy-follow tutorial for those who are interested in playing the classics! Do feel free to like and comment; I’ll hop to it when people are interested :]

– Matt

Nabbed the Krampus Sack!

Hello gamers, bloggers & readers,

It you haven’t read about my quest for this ‘Krampus Sack’ on Klei Entertainment’s Don’t Starve game, I have battled this creature with an enormous backpack, much bigger than the normal DIY one. But obtaining this magical thing has its consequences: you have to exceed the ‘naughtiness’ meter [<20]. This is where you kill innocent creatures in the world, each creature having their own unique scoring of ‘naughtiness’. For example, a Redbird has a rating of 2 naughtiness. So you could imagine me chasing and catching these things just to take them out for this thing. I don’t really enjoy killing things without a purpose, however hostile creatures carry a different motive in the game…

But alas, I have it…! Only to discover that the next week’s update will provide the player with a 16 slot backpack… Although, creators of Don’t Starve have allowed their fans to mod the game’s files, and one in particular is backpack capacity. I downloaded one which gives me about 15 slots of space. Still a bit iffy with the original game texturing, but it’s handy. So, with that, I’d like to see modders take on board the next update’s backpack.

The Krampus Sack complimented with a TamO’Shanter

A Noob’s Guide To Surviving Survival Mode

Hello gamers & readers,

Wanna know a really noobish way to survive Survival Mode on Left 4 Dead 2? Then look no further…! My partner in crime and I have been trying so hard to survive the wretched game mode, and well… I headed toward a ladder to get away from the coming hordes and realised that the zombies and specials were totally incapable of reaching me. So while you can hear Rochelle scream for help as she’s being smashed by a Tank, I happily survived… for a few minutes after the footage ran out. A jockey got me in the end and we lost. Ignore the music playing over… I needed something to listen to whilst recording.

Happy gaming!

– Matt