It’s Been a While (Again)

Hello fellow bloggers, friends and followers,

It’s surely been a while and I have to apologise for this! I’m sure some of you might’ve guessed why I’ve not been around: I’ve been far too lazy, been too busy, lived life for a bit, lacked a bit of inspiration etc.

Firstly, don’t lay your accusations aside, for all of the above is true. I’ve been all of those things, but most of all, it has been the lack of inspiration and motivation – even to write about my life! However, life has been very bleak. Life becomes bleak when you fall into a dark place over and over again. I even fell into a really dark place when I believed I had met someone to settle down with. But all those dark places are now being left behind, one by one in small steps.

So what have I really been up to aside from touring dark places?

Well, to be entirely honest, just floating through life, catching up with old friends, lulling around the thought of taking up a masters degree at a few universities. Although, that plan went down the drain as the darker places began to grow in size. So, in the meantime, I’m just working, saving up for a few things – a house even.

I’ve gotten my own place not far from family. I’ve learnt that having your own place can come with its pro’s and con’s. The biggest con is that I don’t like being on my own. It’s very quiet and to come home each day with no one to greet (that includes a pet), it becomes very lonely. I’m thinking about getting a pet, a cat maybe. Although, I would like a dog, it’s just that I live in a flat (apartment) and it wouldn’t be fair for the dog to not go out into a garden and have a little wonder round. Cats on the other hand, don’t really care so long as they’re fed and can destroy things.

I would like to keep it short,  I don’t want to dwell and bore you to death with my day-to-day doings (despite what my blog About page says) and bring it to a close.

I hope all of you are well and are enjoying the summer, whether you’re working, on holiday, off school, college, or universities. Stay safe and be kind to one another.

— Matt


Nabbed the Krampus Sack!

Hello gamers, bloggers & readers,

It you haven’t read about my quest for this ‘Krampus Sack’ on Klei Entertainment’s Don’t Starve game, I have battled this creature with an enormous backpack, much bigger than the normal DIY one. But obtaining this magical thing has its consequences: you have to exceed the ‘naughtiness’ meter [<20]. This is where you kill innocent creatures in the world, each creature having their own unique scoring of ‘naughtiness’. For example, a Redbird has a rating of 2 naughtiness. So you could imagine me chasing and catching these things just to take them out for this thing. I don’t really enjoy killing things without a purpose, however hostile creatures carry a different motive in the game…

But alas, I have it…! Only to discover that the next week’s update will provide the player with a 16 slot backpack… Although, creators of Don’t Starve have allowed their fans to mod the game’s files, and one in particular is backpack capacity. I downloaded one which gives me about 15 slots of space. Still a bit iffy with the original game texturing, but it’s handy. So, with that, I’d like to see modders take on board the next update’s backpack.

The Krampus Sack complimented with a TamO’Shanter

A Noob’s Guide To Surviving Survival Mode

Hello gamers & readers,

Wanna know a really noobish way to survive Survival Mode on Left 4 Dead 2? Then look no further…! My partner in crime and I have been trying so hard to survive the wretched game mode, and well… I headed toward a ladder to get away from the coming hordes and realised that the zombies and specials were totally incapable of reaching me. So while you can hear Rochelle scream for help as she’s being smashed by a Tank, I happily survived… for a few minutes after the footage ran out. A jockey got me in the end and we lost. Ignore the music playing over… I needed something to listen to whilst recording.

Happy gaming!

– Matt

Starving For The Next Update

Hello bloggers, readers & gamers,

How are we today? I hope you’re well or at least getting on with the winter season [unless you’re from the Southern Hemisphere and enjoying summer]. Anyway, as you may have noticed, I’ve been playing Klei Entertainment’s new franchise ‘Don’t Starve’ and showing you a couple of leaks of gameplay. I don’t want to give it all away, because it may bore you people to death and may not get it – even though you should, because it’s a great sandbox game! But I will tell you one last little bit of my Don’t Starve escapades:

I discovered a little biome not far from my main base; found a couple of Beefalos [which by the next day, turned into 5… we don’t need to go into details about how that happened]. I thought it’d be nice for them to have a section of savannah [where you’d normally find Beefalos in the game], and went back south to dig up a truck load of savannah turf. After finishing this little project, I moved onto making a pig village. Took some time to get the materials, but it was worth it. I made sure their little village was well away from my camp for full moons too… After that, I decided to explore a little more, only to find a whole biome dedicated to Queen Spiders and her offspring…

I’ve stopped there for a while until the next release comes out – which is Tuesday next week! There’s definitely a lot of hype over it in the forums; people are gambling with a new character, while others are hoping it to be a much-talked-about weather and season release, but I personally think that this new feature will be out with the full release of Don’t Starve in late March. I also believe that they can’t bring out a new character now, when they’ve just released WX-78 [robot that can eat spoiled food without penalty]. It’s the beauty of the unknown which keeps people hooked and waiting [applies for all methods of life too, not just games… or scary ones].

In the meantime, I’ve been watching Sjin of the Yogscast play Prison Architect [Introversion Software©] and have succumbed to my sandbox oblique tycoon side within me and got it. It’s in alpha stage with regular updates and new releases; ye olde standard ‘Base’ package [simply the game [PC and/or Mac for Steam] and access to the official Wiki page] stands at $30 [£20.00, €23.00]. Other packages include:

–          Aficionando [game, artwork, soundtracks]
–          Introversioner [4 Introversion games, goodies]
–          Name in the Game [game, prisoner named after you and goodies]
–          Physical Pleasures [game, special limited edition goodies, i.e. posters and all the goodies]
–          Digital-Immorto-Criminalise Your Face100 left [your face and name in-game, goodies galore from before]
–          Shake it like a Polaroid Picture20 left [Introversion Designer talk with YOU of in-game scenario, and goodies galore]

As you’d of guessed, these do go up in price the higher you go.

In terms of gameplay; it’s pretty typical-tycoon controls and whatnot. You have a choice of what size of ‘map’ you’d like to use, whether to have continuous prisoners and fog [to make things a bit more rustic]. You’re also given a set amount of balance of course, but also get to max out on funds with grants [side quests, really] to keep you busy – of course you’ve also got to keep an eye on your facilities and prisoners! But if you aren’t familiar with these type of games, but want to give it a go, the game will set you through an Introductory campaign to get you started, so don’t fret my fellow gamers!

If you want to see full on gameplay, click here to view Yogcast’s Sjin play.

– Matt

Otto Von Chesterfield Find

Hello bloggers, readers & gamers,

After failing to obtain the Krampus’ sack, I decided to explore the rest of the world map, only to discover that it was a small one. I thought, “That’s no fun!” and well… died to gain XP and to create a new world. But by the looks of it, you can only reach a maximum of 8000 XP. Maybe Klei Entertainment will extend this in 9 days [the next update] and thus allow players to unlock even more characters! I look forward to Woodie: a fiery redhead lumberjack! Perks? Probably cutting trees effortlessly and a little stronger than Wolfgang, maybe?

Anyway, back to the topic. Unfamiliar with ‘Otto Von Chesterfield’? He’s part of the recent ‘Spoiled Rotten’ update: a little pumpkin chest companion who, wait for it… offers an additional 9 spaces to your inventory! But the twist is this: you have to find, what Klei call: the Eye Bone, which can only be found in a rocky area surrounded by marsh, complimented with a grave [to get your gravedigger goodies]. When you obtain the Eye Bone, Chester spawns and follows you, hence his name. Unfortunately, this cute little handy guy can die, but this doesn’t mean you’ll lose the Eye Bone, it just closes its eye for about 4-7 days, and Chester respawns – so long as you have the Eye Bone. You have to have this item, otherwise you won’t get Chester.

So, in the new fresh world, I set out to explore biomes [still am right now – the game is on pause], and I discovered a huge marsh biome. Great, I thought, time to explore the edges in case there are more biomes! After an in-game week, I ventured into the marsh and found a path leading to an isolated rocky plain, with a grave and the Eye Bone!

SpicyMarrito@Steam; Don’t Starve
SpicyMarrito@Steam; Don’t Starve

Killing The Krampus

Well this is actually my own gameplay! I succumbed to fraps pressure and downloaded the non-member version. It only gives me 30-60 seconds of filming, but if it’s a quick job, then job done.

A quick note on who and what the Krampus is: the Krampus is a monster that was recently added to Don’t Starve with the ‘Naughty and Nice’ update. Bit like a treacherous Santa Claus if you kill too many innocent things [such as birds in my case]. I really disliked doing it, but my task of the day was to obtain the Krampus’ ruck sack because it offers 8 additional inventory slots, but only has a 1% chance of spawning after killing the Krampus.

The way this works is that the Krampus spawns when your ‘naughty meter’ is too high. It’s not visible, but after killing animals continuously, you begin to hear a sigh, which, if killing more animals [no gore], the hiss will turn into a distinct growl. There are set parameters for each animal in the game – killing a Red Bird has a very low percentage, but was the easiest to catch and kill. Very… very inhumane, I know. I apologise to my animal-loving readers, I really do, but this is what makes the game really intelligent and thought-provoking [excessive exploitation = punishment].

Anyway, this was my tactical way of getting the ruck sack: I made a couple of sleep darts and managed to get a tentacle spike [strongest weapon going, the spear being the second in the game]. I then captured numerous Red Birds and took them out [insert really sad face here]. After the unnecessary slaughtering, the Krampus spawned. I shot a couple of sleeping darts at him [frankly, you just need one because I shot twice in panic; this monster does deal a lot of damage if you don’t have some sort of armour], and spam-clicked that sucker until he died. All my hard prep lead me to nothing. I got ash and monster meat! What a jip…

So, Matty’s top tips on how to kill a Krampus [using Red Birds]:

1) Make some sleep darts, a log suit and a spear / obtain a tentacle spike
2) Build a 2-3 bird nets, bait and capture Red Birds, then kill
3) Listen for the hissing and growling
4) Growling = get ready to rumble
5) Sleep dart Krampus, then spam-click until he’s dead
6) Obtain booty