Nabbed the Krampus Sack!

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It you haven’t read about my quest for this ‘Krampus Sack’ on Klei Entertainment’s Don’t Starve game, I have battled this creature with an enormous backpack, much bigger than the normal DIY one. But obtaining this magical thing has its consequences: you have to exceed the ‘naughtiness’ meter [<20]. This is where you kill innocent creatures in the world, each creature having their own unique scoring of ‘naughtiness’. For example, a Redbird has a rating of 2 naughtiness. So you could imagine me chasing and catching these things just to take them out for this thing. I don’t really enjoy killing things without a purpose, however hostile creatures carry a different motive in the game…

But alas, I have it…! Only to discover that the next week’s update will provide the player with a 16 slot backpack… Although, creators of Don’t Starve have allowed their fans to mod the game’s files, and one in particular is backpack capacity. I downloaded one which gives me about 15 slots of space. Still a bit iffy with the original game texturing, but it’s handy. So, with that, I’d like to see modders take on board the next update’s backpack.

The Krampus Sack complimented with a TamO’Shanter

Otto Von Chesterfield Find

Hello bloggers, readers & gamers,

After failing to obtain the Krampus’ sack, I decided to explore the rest of the world map, only to discover that it was a small one. I thought, “That’s no fun!” and well… died to gain XP and to create a new world. But by the looks of it, you can only reach a maximum of 8000 XP. Maybe Klei Entertainment will extend this in 9 days [the next update] and thus allow players to unlock even more characters! I look forward to Woodie: a fiery redhead lumberjack! Perks? Probably cutting trees effortlessly and a little stronger than Wolfgang, maybe?

Anyway, back to the topic. Unfamiliar with ‘Otto Von Chesterfield’? He’s part of the recent ‘Spoiled Rotten’ update: a little pumpkin chest companion who, wait for it… offers an additional 9 spaces to your inventory! But the twist is this: you have to find, what Klei call: the Eye Bone, which can only be found in a rocky area surrounded by marsh, complimented with a grave [to get your gravedigger goodies]. When you obtain the Eye Bone, Chester spawns and follows you, hence his name. Unfortunately, this cute little handy guy can die, but this doesn’t mean you’ll lose the Eye Bone, it just closes its eye for about 4-7 days, and Chester respawns – so long as you have the Eye Bone. You have to have this item, otherwise you won’t get Chester.

So, in the new fresh world, I set out to explore biomes [still am right now – the game is on pause], and I discovered a huge marsh biome. Great, I thought, time to explore the edges in case there are more biomes! After an in-game week, I ventured into the marsh and found a path leading to an isolated rocky plain, with a grave and the Eye Bone!

SpicyMarrito@Steam; Don’t Starve
SpicyMarrito@Steam; Don’t Starve

Killing The Krampus

Well this is actually my own gameplay! I succumbed to fraps pressure and downloaded the non-member version. It only gives me 30-60 seconds of filming, but if it’s a quick job, then job done.

A quick note on who and what the Krampus is: the Krampus is a monster that was recently added to Don’t Starve with the ‘Naughty and Nice’ update. Bit like a treacherous Santa Claus if you kill too many innocent things [such as birds in my case]. I really disliked doing it, but my task of the day was to obtain the Krampus’ ruck sack because it offers 8 additional inventory slots, but only has a 1% chance of spawning after killing the Krampus.

The way this works is that the Krampus spawns when your ‘naughty meter’ is too high. It’s not visible, but after killing animals continuously, you begin to hear a sigh, which, if killing more animals [no gore], the hiss will turn into a distinct growl. There are set parameters for each animal in the game – killing a Red Bird has a very low percentage, but was the easiest to catch and kill. Very… very inhumane, I know. I apologise to my animal-loving readers, I really do, but this is what makes the game really intelligent and thought-provoking [excessive exploitation = punishment].

Anyway, this was my tactical way of getting the ruck sack: I made a couple of sleep darts and managed to get a tentacle spike [strongest weapon going, the spear being the second in the game]. I then captured numerous Red Birds and took them out [insert really sad face here]. After the unnecessary slaughtering, the Krampus spawned. I shot a couple of sleeping darts at him [frankly, you just need one because I shot twice in panic; this monster does deal a lot of damage if you don’t have some sort of armour], and spam-clicked that sucker until he died. All my hard prep lead me to nothing. I got ash and monster meat! What a jip…

So, Matty’s top tips on how to kill a Krampus [using Red Birds]:

1) Make some sleep darts, a log suit and a spear / obtain a tentacle spike
2) Build a 2-3 bird nets, bait and capture Red Birds, then kill
3) Listen for the hissing and growling
4) Growling = get ready to rumble
5) Sleep dart Krampus, then spam-click until he’s dead
6) Obtain booty

Don’t Starve Review…So Far.

Hello bloggers, readers & gamers,

I’d like to introduce you all to one of my favourite indie survival games of 2013. It’s called ‘Don’t Starve’ by Klei Entertainment [Shank & Shank 2, Mark of the Ninja, Ri+] and I bought it around Christmas time. It’s still in beta and the final release will be in late March – it’s really cheap at the moment [only $11.99, that’s only £7.00 / €8.00!] and you get an extra copy to send to your mates.

How did I come across this game? Well… I’m a big fan of the Yogscast team, and Lewis and Simon did a play through of the game. I loved it! The artwork is simple, fun, almost Tim Burton-like [another aspect of the game I like]. The game itself is a huge challenge and has many twists to it. It’s a game that doesn’t look so stimulating from the inside, but playing the game is.

The developers of the game are slowly introducing updates every-so-often in order to keep players interested; each update throws a twist into gameplay and players have to work around it. There are a couple of bugs here and there – don’t worry though, Don’t Starve has a forum for users to not only report bugs, but also suggestions!

So far, I love the game. Each in-game day is a challenge and… from time to time, I set myself a task and try to do it. Most of the time I’m successful, but other times I just hit the floor and die after surviving for so many days. My longest run was for 66 days. I was prepped for deaths with some resurrection effigies, but wasted them on trying to kill Queen Spiders and their offspring. It’s really frustrating! You worked so hard to survive, you’ve made a pitch-perfect camp for yourself, and then you’re dead. If you aren’t prepped for death, well, you’re going to be rather peeved! But there is a reason for death: there is an XP system, and the longer you survive, the more XP you get, thus allowing you to unlock different characters with different perks. The starting character is Wilson, a gentleman scientist whose perk is to grow a ‘magnificent beard’. This is the base character, as he is the only character who can grow a beard, and his stubble is needed to build the resurrection effigy [highly recommended survival kit 101]. More characters are set to be released this year up until late March, by which time; Don’t Starve will be an official release! However, Klei Entertainment has noted that they will keep the boards open for further support and suggestions for users after full release.

I can’t give away too much, but if you’re interested in trying the game out, click here to be directed to the official Don’t Starve website.

Over and out!