Starving For The Next Update

Hello bloggers, readers & gamers,

How are we today? I hope you’re well or at least getting on with the winter season [unless you’re from the Southern Hemisphere and enjoying summer]. Anyway, as you may have noticed, I’ve been playing Klei Entertainment’s new franchise ‘Don’t Starve’ and showing you a couple of leaks of gameplay. I don’t want to give it all away, because it may bore you people to death and may not get it – even though you should, because it’s a great sandbox game! But I will tell you one last little bit of my Don’t Starve escapades:

I discovered a little biome not far from my main base; found a couple of Beefalos [which by the next day, turned into 5… we don’t need to go into details about how that happened]. I thought it’d be nice for them to have a section of savannah [where you’d normally find Beefalos in the game], and went back south to dig up a truck load of savannah turf. After finishing this little project, I moved onto making a pig village. Took some time to get the materials, but it was worth it. I made sure their little village was well away from my camp for full moons too… After that, I decided to explore a little more, only to find a whole biome dedicated to Queen Spiders and her offspring…

I’ve stopped there for a while until the next release comes out – which is Tuesday next week! There’s definitely a lot of hype over it in the forums; people are gambling with a new character, while others are hoping it to be a much-talked-about weather and season release, but I personally think that this new feature will be out with the full release of Don’t Starve in late March. I also believe that they can’t bring out a new character now, when they’ve just released WX-78 [robot that can eat spoiled food without penalty]. It’s the beauty of the unknown which keeps people hooked and waiting [applies for all methods of life too, not just games… or scary ones].

In the meantime, I’ve been watching Sjin of the Yogscast play Prison Architect [Introversion Software©] and have succumbed to my sandbox oblique tycoon side within me and got it. It’s in alpha stage with regular updates and new releases; ye olde standard ‘Base’ package [simply the game [PC and/or Mac for Steam] and access to the official Wiki page] stands at $30 [£20.00, €23.00]. Other packages include:

–          Aficionando [game, artwork, soundtracks]
–          Introversioner [4 Introversion games, goodies]
–          Name in the Game [game, prisoner named after you and goodies]
–          Physical Pleasures [game, special limited edition goodies, i.e. posters and all the goodies]
–          Digital-Immorto-Criminalise Your Face100 left [your face and name in-game, goodies galore from before]
–          Shake it like a Polaroid Picture20 left [Introversion Designer talk with YOU of in-game scenario, and goodies galore]

As you’d of guessed, these do go up in price the higher you go.

In terms of gameplay; it’s pretty typical-tycoon controls and whatnot. You have a choice of what size of ‘map’ you’d like to use, whether to have continuous prisoners and fog [to make things a bit more rustic]. You’re also given a set amount of balance of course, but also get to max out on funds with grants [side quests, really] to keep you busy – of course you’ve also got to keep an eye on your facilities and prisoners! But if you aren’t familiar with these type of games, but want to give it a go, the game will set you through an Introductory campaign to get you started, so don’t fret my fellow gamers!

If you want to see full on gameplay, click here to view Yogcast’s Sjin play.

– Matt