Unnamed by How Peculiar.

Although this poem may be a little dark, but I love it because it’s the simplicity of the poem that justifies and creates an impact. It may not be polished and dusted like those sort of poems out there, but it’s creative art – art can be anything so long as it’s justified.

In the event of an event, I do say, keep an eye on an eye and pray

for the end of a beginning and a pause of the occurring, keep calm

whilst the sound of swift missiles and stealthy bombs explode near


Keep your chin up as black rain falls upon you and burns through

your beautiful, delicate skin.

You needn’t worry in a world like this,

because it’s only the start of a conclusion

and the end of a deep red abyss.

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[Sticky] Participants Needed

Good evening bloggers and readers,

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote to you regarding my life and perceptions. Although, it’s been brought to my attention now, that hardly any of you that are subscribed, haven’t made an attempt to share your thoughts with mine. Now, if you’re shy and feel nervous to reply; or you feel that your perceptions may offend mine, whatever it may be in relation to those subjects, I have one thing to say to you: it’s alright! I am a student studying Psychology as a Bachelor Honours Degree, and to have the opportunity to exhibit my interpretations and receive feedback is extremely helpful. I would definitely appreciate it if you just took the time to share some of your interpretations of my debates on the world we live in today. I would be ever so grateful too. I want to know things, I’m a researcher and a student; I’m very keen and nimble for this sort of information.

If there are other factors as to why some of you aren’t participating in my discussions, please tell me. I’d like to know. On the other hand, I have noticed that it may be a gender-biased knack. I’ve discovered that many female writers tend to receive feedback on their discussions and posts; is that merely because they are female? And I’ve just got a big sign painted in red all over my blog saying: DON’T READ THIS, IT BELONGS TO A GUY. I feel slightly hurt by this, and somewhat, offended if this is the case. Furthermore, it upsets me too, because I’m a Psychology student, and I’m doing the best I can to receive outside interpretations. If I can integrate some of your arguments into some of my independent research, it would mean a lot to me. Research is a big part, and we’re such curious creatures, we’re always asking: “who, what, why, when and how?”

So my request to you is this: please participate in some of my discussions, because I would like to integrate these debates into my work in the near future; perhaps for my Masters Degree, and maybe as a professional. Thank you.

– Matt

Foamy Squirrel : Auto Correct

Ah, I’m waiting for the time where I’m going to be told off for ranting too much – and that’s fine, because I will debate back and hope we come to a mutual understanding. But today, and possibly tomorrow, I feel like getting my writer hands on.

In relation to my debate about mainstream music brainwashing our generation; our views of what is morally right and wrong, to the likes and imbalance of negativity and positivity; the one true element that thrives in these rants is how we are dependent on certain things, such as technology. In Foamy’s rant [above], he addresses how we’ve become so complacent with auto-correct; machines and programs that simply spell the word correctly for us, instead of attempting to spell it out for ourselves [that’s how I learn/t how to spell things], rather than physically getting a dictionary to look the word up. Yet, the internet has opened doors for us so we don’t have to physically flip pages to find the correct spelling. I do in fact like to have a dictionary and a thesaurus on me [pocket ones] wherever I go – because internet is not always readily available on the serve. People may think that’s embarrassing and degrading, but I like to think that I can still read and use books! Give a person who’s only used auto-correct and Google search for spelling and grammar, and they will complain it’s taking too long to find the page. Most likely lines to be said would be: “I wish there was a search box” or “I wish books had ctrl+f” [which is the find shortcut], or simply “I can’t be bothered”.

AND… PEOPLE DO NOT PROOF READ!! I sometimes don’t, and that is why I get someone else to read my work, just in case. But most of the time, I try to proof read my work – I say it out loud – I don’t care. I may miss something, but that’s normal. I’m not perfect, I too make mistakes, but I try to address and improve these, whether with someone or with books; I still have the ability to read and write to some extent of correctness.

Foamy Squirrel : You’re Too Negative

Foamy addresses the issue with people who have a problem with the ever-mass of negative thinking, including his way of enlightening the unseen and unconscious in a satirical way. I enjoy this entertaining, satirical cartoon. Some people will frown and screw their noses up at this, simply because it’s a cartoon. Well, so is Family Guy, American Dad, The Simpsons, Beavis and Butthead, South Park, Superjail!, and so on. These are just the few examples of satirical cartoons. I was watching Foamy Squirrel once, and an on-looker asked “Why the f*ck are you watching cartoons?”, I turned around to him and said “Simply because he is explaining the issue with people like you; how ignorant you are, and how you lack any genuineness”. He scowled a little and hovered away. However, I was marked from that day on, and ended up getting into a fight with this bloke.

Returning to Foamy’s rant, he’s highlighting those people who plug their ears up and ignore the negative hell around them. They’d rather create this illusion that everything is simply fine and unreal. Of course, there is a vivid amount of naivety floating about in the waters of reality; while those who take a realistic view, tend to be one extreme on either end of the spectrum [that’s your irrational superegos].But, there are those who hold a realistic view that is balanced. There always has to be a balance of negativity and positivity. That’s the one thing we cannot tame: balance.

I stand with Foamy’s rant, because people out there do fail to address the negative and positive properly, and realistically. Furthermore, I understand how he feels toward the people who constantly email him, complaining he’s too negative. Sure, if he offends the beliefs of the audience, hadn’t it been their choice to watch his videos? Like he says, “Too negative? Where the f*ck have you been for 10 years?” Surely those who have been following Foamy for 10 years, would know by now that he does not address the likes of your desires in a sparkly way. It annoys me too, because Foamy has the balls to rant about such things – he isn’t afraid to – and it’s up to the viewer to actually watch it. Some of these people are obviously internet trolls and have nothing better to do. They live a sad and lonely life, only to find pleasure by wanking themselves off to the misery of others – to which I like to point out, is extremely sick. I pity those sort of people, because they will forever hold their grey hairs and rotting joys of hurting and annoying people for the rest of their lives. Again, are probably people who have no respect for others, and only take what they are given for granted. Spoilt? Perhaps. But definitely have an embedded mental malformation. Perhaps loaded with money? Well good for them. They obviously hadn’t earned it in a worth-while way.

So, to conclude, yes, like Foamy, I too don’t understand why people trudge out of their way to only watch something that offends them, knowingly they’ve read the description – if not, had been too lazy to get off their fat arse and read it – and had to email a complaint, because he’s “too negative”. Well, if they had the balls, would they have addressed these real-time issues? Obviously not, because they had to email the creator who is only representing those who do share, find and understand what he is integrating into our naive minds. Sometimes I disagree with Foamy’s views, but I try to take a balanced view of what he says, there, I understand what he means, thus broadening my understanding of the world. But because he’s blunt, people clearly have a problem with straight-forward answers, and fail to see the world in a realistic light.

The Problem With Mainstream Music

Good morning bloggers & viewers,

I hope you’re OK [especially the American & Canadian audience who pop by], and are getting up to speed with what you need to do.

Today a mate of mine sent me a post by a young lady who wrote to One Direction’s Facebook fan page. I read through it and found it shocking how some of today’s music fans are so disgustingly disrespectful. It’s not just your typical mainstream music fans who are like this [although this post by the young lady focuses on this]; I for one know that there are probably similar cases with not-so-mainstream music genres; there are people who lack any respect and manners for others, simply because they were either spoilt or never taught proper manners when they were young. This is how juveniles and yobs – even murderers – are created. However, it’s not just the parents fault, it is also society’s and the media. It’s a sick carousel that we chase and blame, as well as trying to fix and improve constantly, only to receive an outcome of something that has become outdated by the time it’s out, thus fixing it again. But returning to my main argument here, I genuinely think we, or to say, the next generation, are lacking respect because of how society has shaped a lifestyle of what is ‘perfect’ and supposedly ‘unique’. I mean, what is this lark with ‘YOLO’ or ‘SWAG’? When was it right to call ladies ‘bitches’ and ‘hoes’?

Before I go on, this is the passage from the young lady:

“I don’t know if you guys are aware, but your fans have been some of the most disrespectful, cruel and completely vile kids in the last couple of weeks. Right now, I’m speaking on the behalf of everyone who’s involved with the hardcore scene.

I’ll start off by first bringing up the situation with Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low. He didn’t like your new single, and he tweeted about it. I’m pretty sure it’s O.K. to have opinions. But he made one comment, and soon enough, your fans were telling him to kill himself, to slit his wrists, they were calling him emo, telling him that he needs to die.. for making a ‘less than 140 character’ tweet with his opinion. I’m sure they go around bashing his music, and hardcore music in general, so when he makes one small comment, they all freak out. That’s not really what I’m so angsty about, however.

Mitch Lucker died yesterday morning, at 28. He was the frontman for band called Suicide Silence. It’s a pretty heavy band, so I understand that your fans wouldn’t like it. But what they’ve been saying is completely out of line, and I can’t even believe actual human beings would say that stuff. They’ve been making jokes, saying that he died because he killed himself, they’re saying that he deserved to die because he’s ’emo.’ Mitch was a hero..he was an inspiration to so many. He saved lives, he changed lives. He’s a friend, a husband a father… he’s a human being. And apparently your fans think it’s okay to bash him because he makes a different style of music according to what’s mainstream. But it’s really not okay. They think you guys are the best band in the world, because you’re soo famous, with your ‘inspiring’ songs, which are honestly not that great. They’re catchy, but where’s the real meaning? Mitch wrote and worked hard for what he did, but you guys basically had a free pass, so your fans assume that you’re superior? Bullshit. Mitch was a great man, and your fans are honestly some of the worst that I’ve ever experienced. It’s funny because they say the people who like this kind of music are the “fucked up” ones.. but we’re not telling innocent people that they deserve to die because they have a different opinion… we’re not mocking a man who’s already passed. I just think you guys need to express a sense of respect to your fans. A majority are obviously young, and very influential, and I don’t think you’re the right kind of people who should be leading a very large fanbase if your fans are the kind of people I just described. I honestly didn’t have that big of a problem with you guys, until recently… your fans kind of ruin you, your fans are kind of shit.” – A. M. via Facebook

That’s another thing this young lady highlighted: ‘inspiring music’. I recently read something on a fan talking about Taylor Swift. They said that her ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ song was ‘so’ inspiring and ‘meaningful’. Have they truly read the lyrics on paper?

“We are never ever ever getting back together
We are never ever ever getting back together
You go talk to your friends, talk to my friends, talk to me
But we are never ever ever ever getting back together”

Honestly? I believe she reached her lowest low with this song, and it isn’t even her ‘country-pop’ style as to her other songs, such as ‘Sparks Fly’. I could list out all the other mainstream boy/girl bands or singers with supposedly ‘distinct’ style.

I’m in between this debate, because I know for a fact that there are a number of fans who criticise other genres of music too. For example, Black Veil Brides were on the hate-receiving end of the stick too with other fans ripping at their style. [I personally don’t like them, but I needn’t criticise and attack them for that]. It truly annoys me that there are people in this world who have no respect for anyone but themselves. If you think about it on a conspiracy level, music is some kind of force which we abide to. Some people worship musicians; music is a fashion statement, it’s a cult.  It’s quite scary to think of music like that, but there have been cases of music which have hypnotised people [http://shm.oxfordjournals.org/content/early/2011/10/05/shm.hkr143.full]. Could that be the case? Are the catchy tunes of music these days manufactured specially to hypnotise us? Would that be one extreme explanation for followers of Justin Bieber, One Direction or Lady Gaga? Who knows? Or will we ever know?

Music is a fashion statement and it defines who we are. Which ever band or singer we listen to, it reflects who we are as a person. Although I still don’t understand how ‘dub-step’ can define one’s personality… Anyway, music is also a weapon. We use it to get back at the people we hate or love, exes and parents, to losses and beyond. Music unites, music divides. Music comforts, music hurts. It opens our being.

Although, returning to my main argument: I wish people would be respectful, rather than ignorant and arrogant pigs, whatever the reason of distaste was. I almost hate people who are notoriously rude, and have to find entertainment in being selfish by ruining someone else’s good virtue. Vandalism, riots, protesting, war – all and beyond, these are things that are caused by the lack of respect and thoughtfulness. Wars wouldn’t exist if we knew how to be considerate and actually use common sense. Even the London Riots: one young man was shot by accident, so yobs raised the pitchforks by using telecommunications and social networking selflessly to use this opportunity to raid, set fire and destroy people’s homes. It swept across the entire nation because they saw this as an opportunity to just be selfish and careless.

So tell me, where has our respect for each other gone? And not the ‘hey brother respect’, I mean manners for everyone, every race, every sexuality, every orientation, every religion, every music and fashion taste; where the hell has it gone?