Dear those that this message may concern,

I’m writing yet another message regarding some rather devastating news. However, I shall let you know this first: Matt has been awake for the past week now, which is great progress, but has suffered a rather moderate turn and has been moved to another ward to recuperate. What contributed to this, is that over this weekend, my brother, myself and the family had been informed that a family member has fallen ill with terminal cancer. As you could imagine, it has torn our hearts apart.

The doctor has said 6 months, max. Operations are going to take place in order to slow down the process, and chemo sessions. It’s all a matter of time, sadly.

I thank and welcome you all for your condolences, best of wishes and prayers in this time of struggle. Also, thank you for your time and patience to read this and offer your say.


– Natasha


One thought on “Terminal

  1. i dont know the whole story of whats going on because I just got on here today, but please know that rather i know you and your family or not, my heart goes out to you all and I will definately make a special prayer for you all. I do hope and pray that you’re able to find comfort and solitude.

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