Ye Olde Brawl And Other Useless Matters

Good evening bloggers & viewers!

This is my first attempt to just talk about my life, really, which means you get a grasp of my hidden personage. However, there are rules and ethics that will prohibit any personal details in order to protect the privacy of others and myself, because the internet is such a dangerous place, and that no one truly likes to be publicly scandalised: we are not here to gossip, just here to talk about life – if you wish to find gossip, find a magazine! Anyway, shall we get down and jiggy with life? I think so.

As you know from my latest news post, I’ve been in some kind of quarrel and suffering the deadly poet’s block (and bet on your pretty and dashing faces that it is very irritating). I do believe that I have squeezed all the life out of my little ‘inspiration lemon’ and ended up with no sweet lemonade. I sit with my notepad / laptop hours on mend, writing and erasing poems that I feel that aren’t good or just rushed. My ‘spiritual advisor’ reckons that I’m desperately forcing my poetry, which is true. My best poems do seem to come out naturally at the time of the inspiration – and that’s what makes them enjoyable, as you guys have shown by liking and following. I have been trying to widen my horizons by reading books and just watching the world around me. However, I do have a crisis on my hands: I’ve lost my beloved book of classic poetry, and I can’t seem to find it, or even recall when I last had it, which is quite annoying! But, if you have any recommendations on what books I could read (I don’t like biographies and drama books, just for the record), leave the suggestions in the comments or, if you want to be a little more classier and formal, head to the contact page and send me an email/comment. Same thing, really, I don’t mind. Anyhow, moving on swiftly…

So, about this quarrel… Well, firstly, I have returned to my hometown: the ‘sunny’ blissful England. I can tell you now, I am quite thankful it hasn’t flooded here (for those who watch Sky News/BBC/ect. or live here) – I’m quite happy with the sombre classic rain and obviously the cold. But the weather where I’m situated was pretty much the same, so I was quite adjusted when I landed. So, the other night I decided to head down to ye locale just to ease off the nerves of such things, and it was quite late. A gentleman approached me, who clearly had a few to drink, and started getting a little funny with me (this expression means to start getting edge or awkward), and I kindly asked him to not cause any hassle with me. Well, my lovely peers and those who know me, will tell you that I am quite a beastly tank in person, and will also tell you that this man was quite daft in what he did.

The gentleman continued to get intrusive while I tried to use the first wave of defense to avoid any further instigation. The line was then crossed when he shoved me – typical male way of saying “Hey, I’m the alpha here”. I said to him “I don’t want this to turn bad, sir, leave me alone”, but eluding this problem was futile. He shoved again – harder this time – and spat in my face, cussing. I shoved back, and thus commenced the brawl. Funny, it turned out to be a lot worse than just two reasonably bulky men playing fisticuffs, because I was with a few members of my rugby team. So, you could imagine a moshpit in the middle of this medium-sized pub. What resulted in this was 6 people and myself being thrown and banned from that local, as well as gaining yet another Irish beauty (black eye), a busted lip and a couple of bruises. The perpetrator, however, was left slightly dazed. This then explains why I’m quite sore and fragile, however it is only clique of my… hmn… jaded… personage at them moment? Of course, there are family matters happening around me, and a recent breakdown in my life. However, I am working my way out of it – I think, along with the kind TLC from peers.

Anyway, I’m going to wrap this up and head to bed, I am visiting family tomorrow morning and I have a horrible body clock, which wakes me up around 7/8 – sometimes 6 – in the morning here. I hope this has been interesting to some extent and killed time for you;

I’m SourcedRemorses, commonly known as Matt, this is ‘The Manuscript‘, a place to learn a little more about myself; stay tuned!


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